At the Captains Meeting on July 3, the Captains and the Board agreed that in weeks 9 through 11, teams will play the remaining 3 teams that they have not yet played. Week 12 will be a random mix-up of teams, after which the teams will be regrouped into A and B divisions.


Each team will then play a full round-robin within its group (5 Games) during weeks 13 through 17.


Three sets of semi-finals and three finals will take place in weeks 18 and 19.


BMRSC 2019 Outdoor Season is Here – May 21!

Enjoy the Season

Brampton Men’s Soccer League

Brampton Men’s Recreational Soccer Club (BMRSC) is proud to be the longest running adult soccer group in Ontario. 2016 was their 40th season. One of the founding members is still active on the Board of Directors and some of this year’s players have been with the league since the early 1980’s.